Over the last few years there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of for-profit financial organizations committed to social change. These types of firms belong to the new Social FinTech sector, which combines financial technology and social entrepreneurship. A growing number of companies are currently embracing this innovative field, proving that FinTech-based social impact and financial returns can go hand in hand.


The Social FinTech sector is still very fragmented. These types of firms often find it difficult to connect with others and have extremely limited access to support systems. Socialfintech.org is attempting to solve this issue by creating the world’s first online Social FinTech hub for Social FinTech companies. Our goal is to bring entrepreneurs, investors and mentors together in a global and unique ecosystem.

Our goal is to add value to the Social Fintech sphere by:

  • Working as a one-stop-shop for the different actors that are part of the global Social FinTech hub.

  • Establishing an annual prize to support the most interesting business models.

  • Providing intellectual capital and support through news articles and tutorials regarding Social FinTech.

  • Creating a global directory for Social FinTech companies.

  • Including a database of mentors interested in offering support to selected Social FinTech firms in a variety of ways.

  • Connecting investors and business angels interested in investing in Social FinTech.

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