About Tatiana Ayala

She studied International Business, International community work and Social Inclusion. Additionally, she has extensive experience in social and public relations where she has worked for governmental institutions and private companies.

CNote “Invest in people – Not products”

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CNote was launched in 2017 by Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava, who have decades of experience working in finance, venture capital, and private equity. In those past roles, they witnessed the wealth gap grow […]


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MasterCard, The Emerging Payments Association, PPS, GPS, SkyParlour and Manifesto Growth launched a new charity named The Inclusion Foundation (TIF), aims to fight financial exclusion in the UK.

TIF´s come at […]


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During the COVID-19 outbreak Fintech apps are playing a critical, behind-the-scenes role in this new economic environment. The main reasons are the ability for Fintech to make financial services faster, cheaper and more […]

Social FinTech Startup Tackling Payday Poverty Raises £40m – Wagestream

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UK’s Largest Social Fintech Startup Investment?

Wagestream, a social FinTech startup founded only last year, has just secured a Series A funding round of £15m. In addition to this they have obtained a credit facility […]

Social FinTech of the Month – Bettervest: Green Crowdinvesting

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Innovation in Sustainability & Renewables

Sustainability and renewable energy have been at the centre of innovation over these past few years. We’ve seen companies like Solar City pioneer the cost reductions for photo voltaic technology. Tesla […]

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