The aspiration of this Hamburg based FinTech is being a bank that is quickly and easily available to customers via Smartphone and does good with sustainable investments.

Tomorrow is an independent project, initiated by the funders Michael Schweikart, Inas Nureldin, and Jakob Berndt. The FinTech exclusively finance sustainable and social projects.

But what is actually sustainable about tomorrow?

You have to know that all banks work with the money that ends up in giro accounts, they invest in. Tomorrow uses these customer deposits to invest in solar energy or microcredit organizations, for example, and of course not in coal or weapons industry.

Many banks offer perks such as fuel discounts, insurance products and access to VIP lounges at the airport. Tomorrow believes that the future of our planet is more important that those perks, and instead focuses on sustainable and make their customers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint.

Besides, the Tomorrow credit card has a kind of donation function. For each payment transaction a merchant pays a certain amount to the bank. Tomorrow does not put this amount on its own account, but passes it on directly to a rainforest project in Brazil. Account holders can even use the app to track how many trees have already been planted thanks to their purchases.

While the software for the practical application comes entirely from Tomorrow, the partner solarisBank, which has a banking license, ensures that the startup can act like any other bank.

Tomorrow Bank offers two digital accounts:

This FinTech startup stands that the future our planet depends entirely on how we will manage it in the future – how we produce food tomorrow, how we design mobility and how we generate energy. That is the importance of finance renewable energies, social projects and, at the same time offset tonnes and tonnes of carbon.