That is an important statement. Brazil has 50 million people without access to banks and a large part needs financial help. Get to know three of them for one important purpose: solving social and financial problems.

Easy Crédito

EasyCredito offers an application that enables its users to discover places that approve their credit.

Through the application, the borrower requests the analysis of its proposal to know the result. The supplier analyzes the response of their customers without the need to attend to the establishment, saving time and reducing direct and indirect costs. The application of information crosses makers and suppliers, showing the first where it has pre-approved credit, and the second potential buyers to credit customers. Through EasyCredito, borrowers get access to a wide base of registered suppliers.

Pop Recarga

POP Recarga is changing the landscape of e-commerce in Brazil, a 20 billion dollar market, with 55 million economically active people that still out of it.

This is a population as big as Portugal and Spain together! They are the unbanked people and represent a 200 billion dollar opportunity. POP Recarga allows those people to buy on Internet paying with cash. We do this by using the cell phone as a prepaid virtual account that can be recharged in more than 500 thousand points of sale spread all over the country.


Accesso is an independent company specialized in issuing and managing cards and means of prepaid payments.

Founded in 2010, Accesso Card (Acesso) was born with the purpose of encouraging and providing means for the financial inclusion of unbanked or under-banked segments of the population, who currently have money as their main means of payment. Acesso is the benchmark credit card prepaid company in the Brazilian financial market.

Source: Keep Your Eyes on Brazilian Fintechs with a Social Purpose by Fintech Brazil