2021, el auge del ecosistema FinTech

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Beka Finance, Gala Capital, Cuanimen, Rebellion Pay y Heytrade! unen sus fuerzas para colaborar en dos proyectos que pretenden ayudar a consolidar el ecosistema FinTech.

Las innovaciones del sector FinTech (tecnología aplicada a los […]

Beka levanta 60 millones para su fondo Cuanimen

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Beka AM ha logrado levantar un total de 60 millones de euros en el cierre definitivo de su fondo de capital riesgo Cuanimen Social Impact Fund.

La fidelidad […]

Fintech: an Agent of Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Africa is the continent with more indexes of poverty. Nevertheless, in the last 15 years there has been constant growth not just in a few, but in most of Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. Internal factors […]


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The aspiration of this Hamburg based fintech is being a bank that is quickly and easily available to customers via Smartphone and does good with sustainable investments.

Tomorrow is an independent project, initiated by the […]

Fintech can help in the response to Covid-19. But where should policymakers start?

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The World Bank published an article last month about the necessity to overcome the regulatory dilemma of policymakers worldwide and achieve the right balance between enabling fintech and safeguarding the financial system.

As Covid-19 sweeps the […]

FINTECH FOR IMPACT: Initiative Between ING & Unicef

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Recognizing that real social change entails group efforts across the private and public sector, longtime collaborators ING and UNICEF are conducting an investment pilot that seeks to leverage emerging technologies into opportunities for children, young […]


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Twinco Capital is a Spanish fintech founded in August 2016 by Carmen Marin and Sandra Nolasco.


The fintech offers their suppliers access to affordable funding, from purchase order to final invoice payment. Consequently, is a […]

CNote “Invest in people – Not products”

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CNote was launched in 2017 by Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava, who have decades of experience working in finance, venture capital, and private equity. In those past roles, they witnessed the wealth gap grow […]


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During the COVID-19 outbreak Fintech apps are playing a critical, behind-the-scenes role in this new economic environment. The main reasons are the ability for Fintech to make financial services faster, cheaper and more […]

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