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Twinco Capital is a Spanish fintech founded in August 2016 by Carmen Marin and Sandra Nolasco.


The fintech offers their suppliers access to affordable funding, from purchase order to final invoice payment. Consequently, is a […]

CNote “Invest in people – Not products”

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CNote was launched in 2017 by Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava, who have decades of experience working in finance, venture capital, and private equity. In those past roles, they witnessed the wealth gap grow […]


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During the COVID-19 outbreak Fintech apps are playing a critical, behind-the-scenes role in this new economic environment. The main reasons are the ability for Fintech to make financial services faster, cheaper and more […]

Social FinTech of the Month: ‘Anyfin’ – Replace Your Debt for a Better Rate

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The Vicious Circle of Debt

In a world where monthly instalments, credit cards and accessible loans have taken over, the use of these services have transferred from need, to greed. As such, many people have become […]

Blockchain in Africa – Modernising the African Economy

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Frontier markets can use innovative technology to leapfrog traditional infrastructure and grow at an accelerated pace

How can blockchain technology be applied in Africa? There have been many applications of this in payments, governance structures and […]

Social FinTech Startup Tackling Payday Poverty Raises £40m – Wagestream

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UK’s Largest Social FinTech Startup Investment?

Wagestream, founded only last year, has just secured a Series A funding round of £15m. In addition to this they have obtained a credit facility of up to £25m by […]

The Importance of Measuring Impact for Social FinTech Companies

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An increasing number of startups across the globe are developing large-scale business models that offer tech products and services applied to the financial sector with the intention of improving the lives of different segments of […]

7 Interesting Facts about Social FinTech Companies

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Coming back after the summer we have had a chance to take an in depth look at the first 60 FinTech companies with a social cause that have joined the ecosystem.

Following are seven interesting […]

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