Capital Markets and Climate Change: The Green Bond

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As explained in one of previous articles; ‘How Social-FinTech raise capital?’ socially responsible investing (SRI) is on the rise. During this article we will touch on the burgeoning green bond market; its history, development and social […]

FINTECH FOR IMPACT: Initiative Between ING & Unicef

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Recognizing that real social change entails group efforts across the private and public sector, longtime collaborators ING and UNICEF are conducting an investment pilot that seeks to leverage emerging technologies into opportunities for children, young […]

2021, el auge del ecosistema FinTech

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Beka Finance, Gala Capital, Cuanimen, Rebellion Pay y Heytrade! unen sus fuerzas para colaborar en dos proyectos que pretenden ayudar a consolidar el ecosistema FinTech.

Las innovaciones del sector FinTech (tecnología aplicada a los […]

Fintech: an Agent of Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Africa is the continent with more indexes of poverty. Nevertheless, in the last 15 years there has been constant growth not just in a few, but in most of Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. Internal factors […]


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La crisis sanitaria generada por la pandemia del Covid-19 reafirma las carencias del sistema económico actual y algunas de sus limitaciones.

El capitalismo tradicional tiene varias grietas sistémicas […]

Impact Metrics: Importance of Measuring Social Impact

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If you consider your startup as a social FinTech, or social enterprise in general, then creating a positive impact is at the heart of the company’s mission. What are the benefits of identifying specific aspects […]

The Importance of Measuring Impact for Social FinTech Companies

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An increasing number of startups across the globe are developing large-scale business models that offer tech products and services applied to the financial sector with the intention of improving the lives of different segments of […]

7 Interesting Facts about Social FinTech Companies

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Coming back after the summer we have had a chance to take an in depth look at the first 60 FinTech companies with a social cause that have joined the ecosystem.

Following are seven interesting […]

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