Twinco Capital is a Spanish fintech founded in August 2016 by Carmen Marin and Sandra Nolasco.


The fintech offers their suppliers access to affordable funding, from purchase order to final invoice payment. Consequently, is a unique model that significantly reduces risk and financing costs, at the same time helps building competitive and socially responsible supply chains.

Most supply chain financing provides liquidity once the goods have been shipped and the invoice is issued, but Twinco provides money to factories much earlier.


The platform brings a full digital experience. Built by trade finance experts, it is fully adapted to the requirements of global companies. Their mission is to give producers all over the world access to affordable working capital, fostering competitive global production networks and empowering companies to be the motor of inclusive growth and improved livelihoods.


Nevertheless, their pitch is that it can help companies behave more ethically and provide workers, many of which are in Bangladesh, better conditions.


The factories in Bnagladesh receiving Twinco loans have launched initiatives like providing kindergarten for workers children and free sanitary products.


Since their launched, Twinco has financed more than $2m in loans as part of its first financing programme in partnership with a Spanish fashion house. Cofunder Sandra Nolasco says the Series A round, led by Finch Capital, will enable the company to scale its team as it prepares its second finance programme.


The female cofounder duo Nolasco and Marin say they are proud to bringing greater gender representation to the world of south European fintech, with more than 35 years of experience in banking between them.